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Renaissance Fair '05

Misty Cato's Saphire quick mix


Our local annual renaissance fair. Loads of food, music, arts and crafts etc...


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Jesse77, at 03:59PM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
I absolutely LOVE the Renaissance fair, they are so fun. Great pictures, think I might go and buy this quickmix kit, its really pretty. Great job!
audosborne, at 04:31PM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
Beautiful!! I used to go the Renaissace Fair in KS. This kit is really nice, is it MM..I've been looking for something with those colors. Jacob's team colors are blue and white. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,LOVE IT!!!
annirana, at 04:43PM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
Thanx guys! You can locate this kit at the MM store.
Lynn Grieveson, at 05:02PM on Friday October 05, 2007
These look great!