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Kameron's 1st day !

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We did not know what we were having when we went into the hospital... The nurses were very excited about this because they said these days.. Everyone always finds out ahead of time... Most of the time I thought I was having another boy... but, to my surprise... I was able to make the announcement that it was a GIRL !!! Russell was a little more nervous this time than for Andrew - So, I had to cut the cord myself !!!


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annirana, at 02:40PM on Thursday October 04, 2007
What!? You cut your OWN cord? You go girl! You multi tasker you! You had to know that I would absolutely LOVE this page! Precious baby girl!
JENNA, at 02:56PM on Thursday October 04, 2007
Yes... I did .. I was a big girl!!! Andrew saw me doing this page...He just shook his head...like if we would have known then - what we know now... (Kameron's been a little wild lately since she started pre-k - ha...) Thank you for the comments.... Have a good evening!
audosborne, at 06:36AM on Friday October 05, 2007
So cute..!! Cut your own cord??!!!
Lynn Grieveson, at 04:59PM on Friday October 05, 2007
Lovely .. but I can't believe you cut the cord yourself!! :-)