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Kameron's 1st B-day

Baby girl 1st birthday purple polka dots


Kameron's 1st birthday party...


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annirana, at 02:56AM on Friday October 05, 2007
Nice clean, focused LO. Sometimes I think we get carried away with the embellishments and art aspect of our LO's and lose focus on the picture. (at least I know I do)
MHeher, at 03:30AM on Friday October 05, 2007
I agree....some of us get carried away w/ embellishments, and lose sight of why we are scrapping! :-) Love the simplicity of your LO's. Keep up the great work ~Melissa~
MHeher, at 03:30AM on Friday October 05, 2007
Oh....and love the colors!
JENNA, at 05:01AM on Friday October 05, 2007
Thank you everyone... It was another late night... I wanted to try and get away from all the "pinks" and came up w/ this.... Sometimes I think I am too plain... but, maybe I'll get to be a little more creative some day... I am trying to get organized and do a book for Andrew & Kameron for all those special moments & celebrations... It is really nice being able to communicate with all of you... THANKS !!!
audosborne, at 06:34AM on Friday October 05, 2007
Just perfet Jenna, the pictures are so good they need no embellishment. Did you have all these pics on digital or did you scan them?
JENNA, at 12:02PM on Friday October 05, 2007
These are digital... ALL the ones of Andrew when he was little are film.. So, I have to wait to do his when I get a scanner... Thank you!
annirana, at 01:29PM on Friday October 05, 2007
Well, just like getting MM, what r u waiting for?! I have a HP PSC 1600. (printer, scanner, copier) run of the mill stuff, but it get's the job done. They're cheap too!
JENNA, at 04:55PM on Friday October 05, 2007
I will ck. into the HP - Thank you... As you already prob. figured out.. It takes me a L-O-N-G time to make a decision... ha... Have a good weekend!!!
Lynn Grieveson, at 04:58PM on Friday October 05, 2007
I really like that color combo - and the polka dots are perfect and fun for a birthday page!
JENNA, at 02:19PM on Saturday October 06, 2007
Thank you....