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girl polka dots beach browns greens pinks JENNA


Kameron @ the beach in Destin - Visiting Aunt Roxanne


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annirana, at 05:49AM on Saturday October 06, 2007
Love it!!!!!!
audosborne, at 01:28PM on Saturday October 06, 2007
Lovely!! I really love that picture and your design showcases it perfectly.
JENNA, at 02:09PM on Saturday October 06, 2007
Thank you....As you have probably noticed.. I use polka dots alot in Kameron's pages. I love polka dots & stripes....
MHeher, at 02:04PM on Sunday October 07, 2007
Great Photo! and LO (of course), and how did u like Destin? It's beautiful!....I'm from Pensacola ~ Melissa ~
JENNA, at 04:00PM on Sunday October 07, 2007
I "LOVED" Destin.. and cannot wait to go back! I am from Louisiana... but, I am a beach person... I would really like to go back next summer... and I also loved the outlet mall... Thank you!
BeachScraper, at 02:10PM on Monday October 08, 2007
Great colors and beautiful picture