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Michelle Coleman's orange berry fizz


The babies think I need to make more pages of myself (yuk!), so they helped me make this one! We had a lot of fun doing it together! So I guess thats what really matters!


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audosborne, at 01:21AM on Tuesday October 09, 2007
The children are right, those are the pictures they're going to want to see in the future. This is a really nice LO..That's a great picture of you...I love the green and the way you decorated the word MOM. Great! Hope you are feeling better.
annirana, at 02:29AM on Tuesday October 09, 2007
Thank you so much Ruth! Your such a sweetheart!
BeachScraper, at 01:09PM on Tuesday October 09, 2007
This is a great LO...I would agree...we all need to take more time to scape ourselves.
Lynn Grieveson, at 04:39PM on Tuesday October 09, 2007
That's lovely! And I love the idea of you all working on it together. :-)
artylicious, at 03:42AM on Sunday October 14, 2007
That is a gorgeous page. It must have taken a while to get the words lined up inside the letters, but it's a really cool journalling technique. I love the greens, really pretty.
annirana, at 03:27PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
Thank you!
PrettyPicture, at 12:50PM on Thursday November 15, 2007
I'm going to make something like this for my mom. thx
RABIDFOX, at 04:23PM on Saturday August 23, 2008
I really like the photo of you & how you positioned the elements on the page! Nicely done!