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Rainee and Pochahantas

Jackie Eckles "Springtide" kit


Sissy and another Princess!


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audosborne, at 11:51AM on Friday October 12, 2007
Nice!! The color are great.. I guess I'll have to have that kit. We stood by the tree and tried to count all the animals.
annirana, at 02:25PM on Friday October 12, 2007
thank you!
audosborne, at 04:07PM on Friday October 12, 2007
Did you just add page three? I don't remember seeing it the first time I looked. Those are great pictures!!
annirana, at 06:13AM on Saturday October 13, 2007
Yes. Sometimes it's just easier to tac on to an existing LO.
Jesse77, at 11:32AM on Thursday October 18, 2007
uhhh, I love all of these too!!!!! Makes me want to go to Disney World, right now!!!!!!