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The Mahraja Jungle

mix of downtown and princess bride


In the Animal Kingdom, there is the most awesome jungle! Tigers, peacocks, bats and all kinds of Indian flora and fauna.


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crys wilson1archie, at 12:46PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
I love how you have used these two groups of papers. It gives me ideas that weddings are not the only use for these lovely papers.
audosborne, at 02:19PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
Andrea, I've decided you have to be really talented to do black and white/beige pages..I've tried it and mine look awful!! Yours are beautiful. That is the cutest picture of the boys.!!
annirana, at 02:35PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
Thank you ladies!
audosborne, at 04:38PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
OH! WOW!! You added a page.. Mama Ruth's watching. Beautiful, exotic and wonderful!! Night now, it's bedtime.
audosborne, at 04:46PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
Hey, Andrea, can you tell me how to fix Gypsy's eyes? I tried the red eye thing but it didn't work. Not only did I make her look possessed but I spelled her name wrong.. and she's such a sweet little dog. I really am going to bed now..