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My Mom's 70th Birthday

spring fest quickmix mom pink birthday


I am just getting to know the MM program and used one of the templetes for my Mom's 70th Birthday Pictures.


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annirana, at 08:58AM on Wednesday October 17, 2007
What a beautiful Lady! I love the toe shot, very creative way to frame up that photo! Please tell me all those people are not your siblings!?! If they are, your Mom is a remarkable woman!
audosborne, at 09:51AM on Wednesday October 17, 2007
Lovely pages.. that last layout is priceless. Tell your mother she doesn't look her age..How many children? Very good job. Oh, and I love the toes.!!
celestegrover, at 04:55AM on Thursday October 18, 2007
Way cute pages - what kit is this??
djlico, at 04:00PM on Thursday October 18, 2007
The last page is my mom, brother and 2 sisters. I am on the far right. There are 4 of us. Thank you for the comments about my mom. I will pass them on. The templete I used is from MM Version 2 "Spring Feast".