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Zaccheus the Cat


A Mix my daughter did of Zac, our little boy. "Why name him Zaccheus?" you ask. Well, my daughter and I were out walking our 2 dogs. When we were coming back we saw to ladies holding a jacket up to a tree. I, personally thought they were pretty "out there". Once we got closer, I saw that there was a little 2.3 pound kitten up in the tree. (I know it was 2.3 pounds because we took him to the vet.) So one of the ladies and I lifted up my daughter , and she grabbed the kitten and we took it home. The name Zaccheus comes from a Bible story of a short man who climbed up into a tree to see Jesus. The name fits, doesn't it? :)


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audosborne, at 01:23PM on Thursday October 18, 2007
Ohhh I love it. I have two rescued cats and I don't know what I would do without them
audosborne, at 01:25PM on Thursday October 18, 2007
Just went back and read about how Zacceus got his name.. cute!
annirana, at 02:48AM on Friday October 19, 2007
Sweet, sweet, sweet!