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Nathan's Kinder pic


My babies came home w/ their school pics today, so I had litteraly just a few min. @ the comp. so I just had to throw a page together.


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Jesse77, at 03:48PM on Thursday October 18, 2007
love it, paige came home the other day with her Kinder pictures too, I can't wait to do a layout with them. I am so far behind on my pictures, I 'm afraid I will never get caught up!!!!!
djlico, at 04:33PM on Thursday October 18, 2007
I like your layout and colors. I need to find more boy colors for my soon to be grandson pictures. Thank you for sharing! ;-)
annirana, at 02:28AM on Friday October 19, 2007
Thanx for looking! Jesse, I find my self wanting to take pictures of anything that moves, just so I'll have something to scrap! I try to do at least one LO a day, either digitally or the other way. djlico, can't wait to see that baby!
audosborne, at 03:15AM on Friday October 19, 2007
I really like this LO, it is perfect for a school picture.. that's a very good school picture also. What is the decoration on the side of the LO? re: I think DD stands for delightful daughter
annirana, at 04:00AM on Friday October 19, 2007
Thanx Ruth! Yeah, I was thinking the same, or perhaps Darling Daughter. The scroll to the left is from MM "Princess Bride" (opaqued down about 50%). The brads to the right are Michelle Coleman's "All about me". (also from MM)