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All MM Michelle Coleman's "You Glow"


Rainee got her new witch costume and had to try it on and run around looking like a kook! Every year, she's a witch, since like two years old!


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Jesse77, at 05:05PM on Saturday October 20, 2007
Really nice, I love how you are able to get multiple pictures on one L.O. I have been having the hardest time arranging my phoyos lately. I love how you added the gold butterfly on the brim of her hat....so cute.
audosborne, at 09:19AM on Sunday October 21, 2007
Another great page!! Have you ever thought about doing this for a living? I could just send you all my photos and you could lay them out for me. A
Jesse77, at 10:19AM on Sunday October 21, 2007
I agree, please tell me where I can sign up fro Andrea's digital scrapbooking services!!!! LOL!!! so if you ever run out of pictures- you can count on us to supply your addiction! Ha!
annirana, at 12:41PM on Sunday October 21, 2007
Thanx guys! My husband is already trying to send me to rehab!