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Aunt happy girls stripes jesse77


My sister and Paige, in AZ. I know my sister would hate that I am posting this picture, (she had just taken off her blazer because she was hot) but, it is the only one I have of the two of them together from our trip...so we just won't mention it to her.....don't tell! Ha!!! The Kit is from Eva K- and is called Life Is Good.. Thanks for looking!


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annirana, at 08:31AM on Sunday October 21, 2007
I would not have known she was in her brassiere if you had not said so. But it's just "US"! Tell her we're like family! LOL! Besides what's a trainer or two between friends! LOLx2!! Any way, there's an uncluttered simplicity with using one photo! The KR KInda flaky is not a kit but a font. The 1st page is just an off white page w/ baby blue and white brads as bubbles, w/ an argyle strip behind the "almonte snow" font. There is a white wash around the photo that comes from Michelle Coleman's "all about me" and the kinda flaky is all the snowflakes. I got that from 1001fonts.com. The "mountains" are just torn strips of white paper that have been enlarged, layered and opaqued down. The second page is a grunge brush, and the 3rd is all MM2.
audosborne, at 09:16AM on Sunday October 21, 2007
I love this LO.. love the colors..love the design.. love the bra (LOL). It really is a beautiful page. After I looked at it I went back to get the kit but it isn't half price anymore so I'll wait until it goes on sale again.. I spent enough yesterday. Please let me know what you think of my new Greatdaddy LO..any suggestions for improvement woud be appreciated.. I really need to get this one right.
Jesse77, at 11:41AM on Sunday October 21, 2007
Thank you both- Andrea,thanks for the info on the page, I am going to have to go to 1001 font site, I love how your pages are "outside of the box" again great job!