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Nathan and the tree

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A few snaps of Nathan and the tree.


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audosborne, at 02:41PM on Friday October 26, 2007
This is so pretty. I love the way you put the embellisments together to make some new out of them..I can't figure out how you did the snow flake around the star though. What kind of camera do you use? I don't know if I'm going to be happy with the one I just bought and my old one was a piece of junk. These pics are beautiful.
annirana, at 02:55PM on Friday October 26, 2007
Thank you! I have several cameras. I used my Minolta DiMage Z5 for a long time, but now for convinience, I take my Sony Cyber-shot everywhere. The star was just a shape that I color matched to the red ribbon and placed a green mat around it. Then I put the snowflake in the middle w/ a flower and a brad. ( the snowflake is KR "Kinda Flaky" font from 1001fonts)
Lynn Grieveson, at 05:48PM on Friday October 26, 2007
This really caught my eye. Love the colors and snowflakes - cool page. :-)
Jesse77, at 03:43AM on Saturday October 27, 2007
Andrea, what is the font for the "Nathan 2006"?
annirana, at 04:28AM on Saturday October 27, 2007
Thank you. The font is CK Holiday spirit.