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I have all of the babies letters to Santa, but these are two of Rainee's that I like. I'll dig up the others and maybe make pages of them.


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Lynn Grieveson, at 05:47PM on Friday October 26, 2007
What a great way to save these. I came across one my older DD wrote, so cute. I must do this too. :-)
Jesse77, at 03:32AM on Saturday October 27, 2007
what a great idea, so cute. i had a question Andrea, when you are taking pictures in front of the christmas tree, how do you get the "glow effect"? Do you not use a flash? Or is there a special setting you set your camers at? Your pictures are great, I love Nathans photos in the other layout too. Really neat.
annirana, at 04:46AM on Saturday October 27, 2007
On your camera, use the ISO setting for shooting portraits w/ or w/ out a flash. ; )
Jesse77, at 02:53PM on Saturday October 27, 2007
thank you- I will try that
audosborne, at 11:04AM on Sunday October 28, 2007
Great idea!!
celestegrover, at 06:40PM on Sunday October 28, 2007
Cute idea - I love it!!