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These are some photos that I am very fond of. They are of my husbands parents when they were young and first married. Sadly, Gambi has since passed from cancer. She was a very pretty girl. I think these pictures are so cool. They were already B&W. I'm still working on this album, these are just a few of the pages. I'll post others as I finish them.


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audosborne, at 11:03AM on Sunday October 28, 2007
I have no words to describe how beautiful, sweet and touching these pages are. If your husband has siblings, this would make a great Christmas present. Excellent, gorgeous, etc.!!
annirana, at 11:25AM on Sunday October 28, 2007
Thanks Ruth!
Jesse77, at 01:51PM on Sunday October 28, 2007
I like them all but, I adore the first page, what an awesome picture! soooo cool!
annirana, at 02:14AM on Monday October 29, 2007
Thank you!
annirana, at 02:15AM on Monday October 29, 2007