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My hometown has many beautiful old buildings. I haven't had a chance to photograph very many of them, but here ore a few. Mostly Scrapbook Flair.


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annirana, at 11:31AM on Sunday October 28, 2007
What a beautiful place! It's almost like a storybook town. Have you lived there all of your life? I just planted a maple tree in my yard, (silver maple) I hope it turns out as magnificant as yours. I bet the fall is just breath taking there.
audosborne, at 11:38AM on Sunday October 28, 2007
Thanks Andrea. It is a beautiful little town and very historic. These pictures don't do it justice but I'll try to get some better ones later. I grew up in the country a few miles from town but I went to school here. We don't have much fall color this year because of the drought but it is still very pretty. I lived in KS for twelve years and I loved it but there has not been a day since I came back to TN that I haven't marveled in the beauty of the area. I'ts growing by leaps and bounds though and the landscape is changing.
Jesse77, at 01:49PM on Sunday October 28, 2007
what a great place to live...great LO's too :)
crys wilson1archie, at 12:23PM on Monday October 29, 2007
What beautiful pictures, each page so colorful, a real Fall. You are so lucky to live there. chasingengland
audosborne, at 09:37AM on Tuesday October 30, 2007
Thank you ladies. Crys are you in England now?
Brenda K Swygert, at 03:02PM on Friday November 06, 2009
I love your LO's what beautiful pictures. Where did you get the film strip from. I have always loved using film strips with regular scrapbooking. I am new to MM and am so overwhelmed. There are way to many choices which a good thing. Brenda