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brown blue son cowboy boots sleep DSD07


My DS fell alseep with his cowboy boots on. Must've been a hard-playin day.


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annirana, at 02:32AM on Monday October 29, 2007
SIMPLY perfect! Love the colors! What's the font and how did you do the boot? Do you have Adobe?
MHeher, at 05:57AM on Tuesday October 30, 2007
Love the colors! Nice LO
celestegrover, at 07:09AM on Tuesday October 30, 2007
Thanks guys -- The font is called Bleeding Cowboys - the boot was kinda tricky -- I do have Adobe, but what I did was import the picture into Picasa (googles free photo software) and they have a 'focal color' option. I focused on the boot, and then opened Adobe and brightened the color some more...Thanks!
Lynn Grieveson, at 08:52PM on Thursday November 01, 2007
Love that colored boot (and one of my fav fonts too!)