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ponder son white black DSD07


This is my ds. We did these photos a few weeks ago and the first word that came to my head was Ponder. He looks like he's pondering and wondering if he should take a step off the ledge or just stay there. I hope this all makes sense to you... journaling:As you venture out into the great unknown, I hope you always remember to stop, think, and ponder before making decisions. Stop before you start something. Think about your decision before it becomes a regret. Ponder the outcomes and consequences whether good or bad. And Keaton, just know that as you ponder life's mysteries and question the unknown, that I will always be here for you in the end.


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annirana, at 02:36AM on Monday October 29, 2007
This is not only a very striking page, but it's very special in it's sentiment.
audosborne, at 02:49AM on Monday October 29, 2007
I agree with Andrea, it is a very striking and special page.
BeachScraper, at 04:43PM on Monday October 29, 2007
Love the message and the page!!
MHeher, at 05:39AM on Tuesday October 30, 2007
Love it....great job! Love the picture! (What kind of camera?) ~Melissa~
celestegrover, at 07:06AM on Tuesday October 30, 2007
Thanks - I had a good friend of mine go with us - he's starting a photog business - I know he was using a Nikon SLR -- not sure which one though... Thanks for all the compliments
Lynn Grieveson, at 08:53PM on Thursday November 01, 2007
Love that striking white background!
lisan, at 01:08PM on Saturday November 03, 2007
I have to agree with everyone. This one stopped me. I love the feeling of it.