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DSD07 girls tumble blue green red


My favorite picture of my daughter and niece . I kinda scraplifted the idea for the pictures from Jesse. Thanks Jesse!! I used Lynn Grieveson's "Adventure" kit.


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Lynn Grieveson, at 12:12PM on Saturday November 17, 2007
LOL - we're neighbours using the same kit! Great page - I love the tones in that photo and how well they go with the papers. :-)
audosborne, at 12:18PM on Saturday November 17, 2007
Isn't that too Funny!! I think we were posting at the same time. ..I had to go back and look for the lO because I forgot where I saved it. I was really happy to find this Kit.. I have a lot of phots I can use it with. Thanks!!
Jesse77, at 03:27PM on Saturday November 17, 2007
You are welcome! Thank you! This looks great Ruth, way to go!