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I discovered Memory Mixer at the Memory Trends tradeshow in Las Vegas. The show was at the Venetian Hotel which is just beautiful, if a little artificial in places. This is a quick mix using Spring Feast.


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audosborne, at 01:24PM on Sunday November 18, 2007
Wow what a nice place. Nice pages... I love your journaling and the pictures were great.
Jesse77, at 03:28PM on Sunday November 18, 2007
These pages are great, the kit goes perfect with your pictures. When we lived in Arizona, my husband and I went to Vegas every few months a few times a year for a long weekend. it was a short flight about 45 minutes. We were fortunate to be able to stay at the Venetian Hotel two times, and just loved it! We always ate gelato at least once while we were there! Your pictures are a great reminder of the great times we had in Vegas. I love how MM brings people and their experiences together from all over the place, its great :) Thanks for sharing.
artylicious, at 07:10PM on Sunday November 18, 2007
Thanks Jesse - I don't know if you can read the journalling on the gelato page, but we never did get to try one. The title refers to an advert that ran on British TV for years - "Just one Cornetto, give it to me", sung to the tune of o sole mio. I love seeing other people's pages too - sometimes we forget how different a culture we have in Britain compared to the US, just because we speak the same language.