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For my very first scrapbooking attempt I decided to design a baby announcement for my daughter. I just used the basic elements that come with memorymixer v2. It was quick and very straightforward and I am happy with the result. Please let me know what you think. I'm sure I will get better as I do future projects.


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celestegrover, at 08:34AM on Thursday November 22, 2007
Way cute! This is awesome -- i never would have known that this was your first attempt!! It's gorgeous! And the pics are cute...what a sweetie she is! Good job!
audosborne, at 11:26AM on Thursday November 22, 2007
I don't know how this could be more perfect.. it is wonderful.. she is really a beautiful baby!! Fantastic job.. you're going to love MM.
mbarrett1, at 02:47PM on Wednesday November 28, 2007
Beautiful page. Great composition. Looks more expert than beginner, Awesome.
Marcyne, at 04:30PM on Sunday January 06, 2008
You did a fantastic job, keep it up, I can tell you're going to have some amazing digital scrapbooks in your future.