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Myrtle Beach '06

Beach vacation family Deni


Eight layouts from our vacation at Myrtle Beach in September using Memory Mixer Quickmix "Sand and Surf" by designer Kelly Hann Mize. It was so fast, easy and fun to do this album.


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Dawn2, at 04:56AM on Tuesday January 16, 2007
cute layouts
pkrischke, at 10:42AM on Wednesday January 17, 2007
Jlarsen, at 11:13AM on Wednesday January 24, 2007
really cute theme
sadye, at 03:18AM on Thursday April 19, 2007
This is absolutely beautiful!
malmar, at 02:07PM on Thursday May 24, 2007
Very nice..great photo's!
michelleb97, at 08:15AM on Saturday May 26, 2007
is this on Memory mixer 1? I am going on a trip and would love to use this theme? Very cute!!
Deni, at 02:15PM on Monday June 18, 2007
Yes, it is found in Memory Mixer 1 under Kelly Hann Mize's "Sand and Surf." There are eight layouts under the square layout option that are great. Thanks :)
mousepadcreations, at 04:28AM on Thursday June 21, 2007
These pages are so beautiful! On the 3rd page is a book plate can anyone tell me if that is in MM Version 1 and where to find it?
Bailis, at 06:40AM on Saturday July 07, 2007
This is really beautiful.The pictures you took are wonderful.
BeachScraper, at 12:14PM on Monday August 20, 2007
Very Very nice....My home is Myrtle Beach, it is such a beautiful beach, the perfect spot for beautiful pictures and so much more. Hope you always enjoyed your time here. Again, beautiful work