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A cute cover for a girl book. I like my covers for my books clean and simple. I thought this one turned out cute and fit my daughter who is as girly as it gets perfect. Her twin sister wanted to design her own which is the other cover. She used the same type of layout. She did a good job for only being 7.


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lgough, at 10:16AM on Sunday January 14, 2007
very darling!
Dawn2, at 04:55AM on Tuesday January 16, 2007
I love your idea for the cover. Is it the binding books you do this for?
Daniellec, at 04:58AM on Tuesday January 16, 2007
Yes my scrapbooks are all done using the book binding photo books. I love how it takes less room on my shelves and is preserved better. Glad you like it.
stefjo81, at 10:33AM on Monday August 06, 2007
i am new (way new) at this, you use the hard cover books for scrapbooks? and this would be the front hard cover? they are very cute pages.