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Having a Bad Day

DSD07 baby boy


Levi has the cutest faces, even when he is in a bad mood! I thought this picture captured the cute little lip that comes out when little kids have a hard day...


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Jesse77, at 04:42AM on Friday November 30, 2007
I Love everything about this, its perfect!
celestegrover, at 04:45AM on Friday November 30, 2007
This is an awesome page....SOOOO cute!
jetwilson, at 05:30AM on Friday November 30, 2007
The layout is ALL BOY and the comment you put on the picture makes me laugh.... Ripped paper adds to the bad day too....Very cute!
audosborne, at 04:39PM on Saturday December 01, 2007
Soo cute!! I love the comment also.