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as long as i remember i have been into some kind of hobby. my sisters say i got the crafty gene from my mom, who was always sewing, knittiing, ceramics, needlework...probably 3 years ago i got into digital photography and then an interest in scrapbooking hit me. well, i struggled with paper scapbooking. i was adhesive challenged or something ~ i ended up messing up every page before i finished it. so after about 5 pages i discovered digital scrapbooking and knew it was for me, love that redo or delete option. at a point where i found that i needed to supplement my income (i'm self employed ~ i do title searches on property) i decided to give designing a try. i started with very little computer knowledge but found many tutorials and books to learn from. i find much inspiration in home decor. love it! i can watch hgtv and be inspired to do a kit from a room i see. i love to look at bedding catalogs for inspiration. had i actually gone to college i had planned to study interior design. since i design digital kits i don't scrap so much anymore. the hobby i am into now is photography. i love macro photography most because you see things that you don't by just looking with your eyes. and i love gardening and flowers so that goes hand in hand with what i love to photograph.

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