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Hastings, England

Hasting neutral audosborne


Photos from Hastings, England 2006. I've worked on this so long that I can't remember where all the elements came from. I'll have to go back and sort it out but I do know most of the background papers were by Lynn G.


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Jesse77, at 02:13PM on Thursday January 17, 2008
Hi Ruth,your travel layouts are always spectacular, and these are even more spectacular (if that's possible) Makes me want to go to Hastings it looks like a lovely place to visit. I LOVE the 4th layout and photo looks so quaint. its just calling me :)Love how you included a bit of history on the pages. Do you have any plans to go back?
audosborne, at 06:07PM on Thursday January 17, 2008
Thanks Jesse.. I don't have plans but I have wishes.. We were only in Hastings for a few hours and most of that time we were shopping. I wish I had taken more pictures.. I was really drawn to this town and the people were so friendly. So if I ever get back to England, I will go back to Hastings.