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boy fireman red fire audosborne


I gave up on this one and decided to call in the expert, my DGS, after all it is his page. Of course he wanted FIRE.


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Jesse77, at 04:15AM on Sunday January 20, 2008
I like both but I think I like this one better, its neat that your DGS was able to help out.How fun to do it togther :)
audosborne, at 05:44AM on Sunday January 20, 2008
Thanks Jesse.
JENNA, at 10:39AM on Sunday January 20, 2008
This is great... I love it! The LO is perfect for the picture.
audosborne, at 01:05PM on Sunday January 20, 2008
Thanks Jenna. Jacob liked it.
kelliekoo, at 05:14PM on Saturday April 05, 2008
very cool. how'd you get the fire and how'd you get the truck to look 3d. it's great getting kids to help. my 5 year old likes to help me w/ pages sometimes. i often end up with pink backgrounds and purple font. not really my style, but if she's excited about scrapping, i'll do anything she wants!