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I found this old photo of my father's sister and it brought up memories from the past. I couldn't say all I wanted to say on one page so I decided to make it a double page LO. I don't know who the lady in black is. I used the kit Wallflower by Retrodiva and Label Trader and elements from Little Jake accessories by Kathry Blaint.


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BeachScraper, at 04:01PM on Sunday January 20, 2008
Excellent job, love the journaling...and old fashion look. Very nice Lo
Jesse77, at 03:52AM on Monday January 21, 2008
This kits works so well with this, you put it together so nicley. The Jouranaling is fantastic!
JENNA, at 04:45AM on Monday January 21, 2008
This LO is perfect for this picture - it brings you back in time. What a great memory. I wish my kids and myself had those kinds of memories. Life is too materialistic these days and I have a hard time putting a 4 course meal together. I don't know how they did it back then.
audosborne, at 04:50AM on Monday January 21, 2008
Thank ladies!! Jenna, I don't know how they did it either, considering that it was all cooked on a wood stove. Me? Couldn't survive without my microwave:)