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baby girl pink white audosborne


Old Baby picture of my DD. MM has inspired me to try to get my photographs in order. I used Adegyeo Freebie Overlay and a star overlay from Scrapbook Flair. The ribbon was a freebie.


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Jesse77, at 02:25AM on Wednesday January 23, 2008
love the wild and spunky look of this. Angela was adoable, what a sweet photo :)
audosborne, at 01:11PM on Wednesday January 23, 2008
Thank you. I think she was about 4 months old in the picture. You think you won't forget but you do.
Jesse77, at 09:04AM on Friday January 25, 2008
Ruth, my Mom says the same thing, and how she wish she would have wrote it down. I am trying to get her into digital scrapbooking.