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Photo of my DGS proposing the his girlfriend. I think this pic is priceless but I'm having a hard time with the LO. I don't know which one I like. I would appreciate your feedback and any advice. The background and the hearts on the first page is from Barbara Shiefer and the wordart is by Bethany Harty.


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JMurdoch, at 02:34PM on Tuesday April 01, 2008
I love the first one..very nice...what a pricless memory!!
BeachScraper, at 03:17PM on Tuesday April 01, 2008
Thats a hard one...between 1 and 3...I'll go with 1. Beautiful.
elsmith, at 06:39AM on Wednesday April 02, 2008
Personally I like the 3rd one with the beach as the background the best but they are all lovely!
JENNA, at 08:10AM on Wednesday April 02, 2008
As I looked one by one - I loved each and every one of them.. but, being I have to make a decision - I think # 3 is my absolute favorite...
BeachScraper, at 03:27AM on Thursday April 03, 2008
This is my favorite of all your work !!!
audosborne, at 02:11PM on Thursday April 03, 2008
Thanks for your help ladies and for your compliments. I think I will print both the first and third pages and let them chose the one they want. I really appreciate your comments.:)
Jesse77, at 08:30AM on Wednesday April 16, 2008
Hi Ruth! these are FANTASTIC, I also like 1 & 3, I know I am a little too late, LOL!!! Hope you are doing well :)