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So I had to redo my family page because the fonts weren't the same from my mac to my pc...so I couldn't get it to look how it did on the mac....so I tried two designs....gthanks for looking....let me know which one you like best.


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audosborne, at 08:11PM on Sunday April 20, 2008
I like the first one. I has more contrast than the second although they are all nice.
BeachScraper, at 02:14AM on Monday April 21, 2008
I also vote #1, again the colors compliment each other, very nice LO. My favorite picture is the bottom middle, I like that style in photography
JMurdoch, at 04:30AM on Monday April 21, 2008
thank you!! and thanks for looking!! :)
Jesse77, at 04:39AM on Monday April 21, 2008
I love the colors in #1, it has my vote :)
JENNA, at 07:31AM on Tuesday April 22, 2008
I agree - #1 gets my vote. I too love the bottom middle picture.