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This is a picture of my grandma and DD that I love. I copied the original picture so I had one on top of the other, then I made the bottom one sepia and lowered the opacity of the one on top. The result is a sepia tone picture with a bit of color.


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Jesse77, at 12:02PM on Sunday September 07, 2008
Fantastic Idea...this looks great
BeachScraper, at 02:27PM on Sunday September 07, 2008
What a beautiful picture...Great LO.
[email protected], at 04:04PM on Tuesday September 09, 2008
Congratulation on winning the challenge! A beautiful layout and great photo effect.
janetc1215, at 04:09PM on Wednesday September 10, 2008
Great photo. How did you do the photo effect with the two layer thing?
shakerbaker78, at 02:21PM on Thursday September 11, 2008
Get the picture where you want it and then copy it, you can copy and paste in place or add the picture with MM. After that make the top one sepia in the photo effects button and then send it to the back (you shouldn't be able to see it). Now just play with the opacity of the top one until you like how it looks. Thanks for your comments
Lorimo, at 04:14PM on Sunday September 14, 2008
Beautiful Design, Beautiful Memories.
TriciaHoffmann, at 01:05PM on Friday September 17, 2010
Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!! I have been trying to figure out how to do that without having to use photoshop. I just did it with a black and white photo and it was so easy. Your awesome. Beautiful page. That picture is timeless.