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My inspiration for this page started off as being just the writing on our bricks, but I couldn't quite decide on how to lay it out. When this challenge came along I started looking at some of my MM favorites. I tried to create a LO based around Trystans Name - Designer fhyllested (see attached), but the landscape LO didn't work with my portrait LO; it looked too squishy & I lost a lot of the power the original design had. Jenna had 2 great designs: Cowgirl Kameron & Destin, Florida (see attached). It was a little more simple - B&W picture on the left & minor text on the right. After trying this, I felt my page lost some of its oomph. I decided to add bits of color inspired by audosborne - rainbows don't wait & Dani - My beautiful blue eyed girl (see attached). I know the challenge was supposed to scraplift 1 page, but there are really too many good ideas out there & I just had to give credit where credit was due.


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BeachScraper, at 05:40AM on Thursday October 16, 2008
This is great, I love everything about it, the colors, photos, LO and saying. Great Job!!! Good Luck
annirana, at 07:26AM on Thursday October 16, 2008
Hello Rabidfox, my name is Andrea (annirana). I've been out of the loop for a while. I really like this LO and the one that you scraplifted from Ruth (audosborne). I'm getting into the journaling style of scrapbooking now, and your lo's are right up my alley. Nice job!
Jesse77, at 03:27PM on Thursday October 16, 2008
I love the way you put it all together. love the alpha, love the photo frame. Beautiful job.
audosborne, at 05:57PM on Thursday October 16, 2008
Your LOs are alway so creative and interesting. This one is great!! The photo of the bricks with the chalk and writing would make a good background for another LO. Thanks for the credit.
RABIDFOX, at 02:47AM on Friday October 17, 2008
For those of you that are wondering, my name is Rachel. Rabidfox comes out of a joke - my designs are sometimes as crazy as a rabid fox; who knows what will happen next?! Once again, thanks for all of the great comments. In the summer when I started MM, I only planned to post a design every now & then. All of the positive feedback that I get just makes me want to make & post more. Without all of your support, I really don't think I'd be as happy as I am making these pages. :)
audosborne, at 05:05AM on Friday October 17, 2008
I know what you mean Rachel. Sharing our designs with each other makes all the difference. Glad you hung around. I love seeing your work.
scottygal, at 07:15AM on Thursday August 20, 2015
'Still inspired by your "old" layouts and your creative name!
scottygal, at 07:15AM on Thursday August 20, 2015
'Still inspired by your "old" layouts and your creative name!