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Goodmorning, fellow scrappers! As I hung my flag out this morning, I realized how blessed I am, how blessed we ALL are! So regardless of how you voted, lets all say a little prayer in our hearts for God to guide the new leader of our country, and may we continue to be humbled by the freedoms that we have been so graciously endowed! Have a great day everyone!


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audosborne, at 10:36AM on Wednesday November 05, 2008
This is beautiful Andrea.. where is that gorgeous photo from? No matter your political view, I was a awesome night. What a difference a decade makes. You can bet this man and his family will be in my prayers daily. Also I just have to say, McCain's speech was the most gracious and sensitve speech I have heard from any politician..God Bless him too!!
annirana, at 11:14AM on Wednesday November 05, 2008
I feel this is a very bittersweet moment for Obama with the recent passing of his GM. The photo is from some yahoo pic. Pretty huh? I snapped the pic of my flag this a.m. when the sun was shining through it.
BeachScraper, at 11:36AM on Wednesday November 05, 2008
Very nicely done... Sometimes I think it so easy to forget how beautiful our country is and truly how lucky we are. We are in rough times but as the saying goes, sometimes things need to get worst before they can get better. I know things will change with time. Thanks for the great page.
Jesse77, at 04:54AM on Thursday November 06, 2008
Well said Andrea!
RABIDFOX, at 08:14AM on Friday November 07, 2008
Amen, sister!