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Japanese Gardens

garden green audosborne


The Japanese Garden in Hilo, Hawaii was such a beautiful and peacful place. The embellishment are from Tropical Mini-Kit by Kaccu.


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weblg, at 04:09AM on Wednesday February 11, 2009
I should have stowed away in your suitcase!
annefulling, at 08:26AM on Wednesday February 11, 2009
Wow, what a beautiful place. You take AMAZINGAHHH, Hawaii, my husband and I got engaged on the island of Kaui. It is our 10 year anniversary next year, wouldn't that be a great place for a 10 year anniversary vacation???
annefulling, at 08:26AM on Wednesday February 11, 2009
Sorry, messed up above. I meant to tell you that you take amazing pictures...hit the wrong button. What can I say, I'm VERY pregnant!!!
audosborne, at 04:21AM on Saturday February 14, 2009
Thanks ladies. anne, I think you should definitely plan on that anniversery vacation. When is your baby due?