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Corbin and Grandad

boy grandad green white audosborne


My great gradson and his grandfather at the wedding last May. I tried to use the wedding colors and couldn't get the background right so I added the striped background builder. Very subtle difference but it was just what I wanted.


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audosborne, at 04:27PM on Monday March 30, 2009
The second page does not have the overlay. Which do you like best?
weblg, at 05:20PM on Monday March 30, 2009
The overlay is very subtle..I don't think I really noticed...until I read your comment, but then I am so tired my eyes are not focusing....but looking for it...I like the first one best...the picture is very sweet!
Jesse77, at 09:41AM on Tuesday March 31, 2009
my vote is for the first as well! fantastic pic, so cute :)