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Some more pages for my daughter's album. Korea, China, Japan. I may get it finished for Christmas after all.


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ordazd, at 04:00PM on Sunday November 08, 2009
Beautiful....I'm certain she'll be gratefully surprised!
weblg, at 11:29PM on Monday November 09, 2009
Oh Ruth!!! Thank you so much for telling me about this!! I am so in AWE!! She is a very lucky lady to have been able to travel like this and you have really outdone yourself with these pages!! You did a BEAUTIFUL job picking just the right kits, elements and colors for each of these pages!!! She will be so thrilled!!! I have to say Page 3 is my favorite!! You are AWESOME!! I have to ask, does she just like to travel a lot?? or is does she have a job that allows her to go to all these wonderful places??
audosborne, at 03:25AM on Tuesday November 10, 2009
Thanks for looking ladies! Linda, my daughter was teaching in Korea at the time these pictures were made and she was able to travel to China and Japan. She later taught in Rome and traveled all over Europe. She's married now and pretty much settled down.
audosborne, at 03:26AM on Tuesday November 10, 2009
My favorite page is 3 also.
BeachScraper, at 09:22AM on Tuesday November 10, 2009
Totally AWSOME, beautiful job. This will be a wonderful gift that is far beyond any store brought item.