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grandmother vintage audosborne


This is a really old photo my mother's mother. The kit is Notworthy from Scrapgirls.


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BeachScraper, at 02:25PM on Thursday April 23, 2009
How pretty...like that kit. Yes we are safe from the fires, we are about 20 miles south of them. I was up in that direction today, they are unbelievable. Sounds like they are getting them under control. Will tell you the name of the flower when I can remember it..I'm getting old, it is one of those I can never remember. Good to see some LO from you!!!
weblg, at 03:22PM on Sunday April 26, 2009
Nice page here too!
clfnaylor, at 09:50AM on Thursday May 21, 2009
I love the vintage look and old photograph. Ancestors are what scrapbooking is all about because our pages will be treasured by those who come years from now and WE will be those ancestors.